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Artistic Ventures and Scientific Discoveries: Perspectives on Biocrusts and Environmental Sustainability

Egyptians, Romans, and Europeans all painted landscapes in order to simulate perfect nature in their homes throughout the year, or even for eternity. During the reign of Britain’s Queen Victoria, the invention of the greenhouse made it possible to introduce the public to galleries filled with exotic, actually […]


Sarah May at 35×35

Hung back to back next to the north windows in the west galleries, Sarah May’s cyanotype tapestries seem to want to flee the gallery—to be taken on the wind to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. While at an artist residency at the Center for Photography in […]


Kate Jarman-Gates at 35×35

In 2021, Kate Jarman-Gates started Clever Cucumber, a free community art studio for her neighbors on Salt Lake City’s west side. At the heart of its operations is a workshop, ingeniously nestled within Jarman-Gates’ garage, which can accommodate a dozen individuals. This space is a treasure trove of […]


Alison Neville at 35×35

  This series of miniature dioramas by Alison Neville visualizes “select scenes from our long relationship with our fellow and sometimes not-so-fellow fauna,” says the artist. “Each one represents a situation based on real events researched through online media sources. Many are truly atrocities and some are subtly […]


Aimee Odum at 35×35

Trained at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Aimee Odum works with one of the oldest art mediums, ceramics, and one of the newest, video, often combining the two as installations or assemblages “to create a space where future or parallel universes can be imagined.” Her ceramic sculptures are […]


Maya England at 35×35

  “I have always been a collector and a keeper, unable to resist the allure of yet another outdated magazine or satisfying trinket,” says Maya England, a Salt Lake City artist who studied at Utah Valley University. “I value everyday accumulations of keepsakes and seemingly insignificant bits of […]


Zoe Elwood at 35×35

  “Sheltered” by Zoe Ellwood is a poignant installation piece that employs the remnants of domesticity to explore the complexities of comfort and confinement within the context of childhood memories. The work is composed of an aged and worn bed frame, consisting of a headboard and footboard, which […]


Robert Asay

“Space Station 1 & 2” comprises two paintings that explore the liminal space of consciousness experienced during epileptic seizures. The pieces are vibrant tapestries of color and form, evoking the complex neural transmissions of the artist’s brain. Abstract elements dance across each canvas, intertwining and overlapping in a […]


C J Hales at 35×35

CJ Hales’ work represents the continuation of a long tradition of figurative painting in Utah. It is a tradition kept alive in the small town of Helper, Utah, where Hales now lives among several other artists. “Misdirection” represents a strand of this tradition, exemplified by David Dornan, a […]

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Howard Lyon, Elizabeth Sanchez, South Viaduct Trail Project, Mosaic of Christ, Culture Industry Report

2/5 SALT LAKE CITY ARTS COUNCIL The Salt Lake City Arts Council’s Public Art Program has announced the selection of Seattle-based artist-led team Haddad|Drugan for the 400 South Viaduct Trail project, a key initiative aimed at revamping the corridor linking the city’s West and East sides. Laura Haddad […]


Matalyn Zundel at 35×35

  “I am not interested in a posed model on a set, rather in how the lives women live every day intersect and interact with the lives around them,” says Salt Lake City artist Matalyn Zundel. “The figures in my paintings are all engaged in a relationship of […]


Colby Sanford at 35×35

  Provo artist Colby Sanford looks for the poetic in the prosaic and his intimate paintings created in a restricted palette are often accompanied by poems that further illuminate the extraordinary in the ordinary. On the back of “Green Like Sunshine,” you’ll find the following poem: Green like […]