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Art Lake City

Discover the artistic side of Salt Lake City.

Over the years, we have reported on and captured the publicly viewable artwork that crops up all over SLC, from the official public art installations to street art and even the strange things that pop up in people’s yards and on their porches. We first launched our Art Lake City website in 2011, and as we have been spending the past year centralizing all our materials and bringing our archives into one place, we have incorporated Art Lake City into the 15 Bytes website.

Our In Plain Site editor Scout Invie has been busy this summer putting all this together and gathering information about all the artwork.

As we continue to add to this database, we invite you to use these maps to discover artistic gems near you or far away.

For ease, we’ve also created neighborhood maps, encouraging you to take a walk or ride through Salt Lake City’s artistic legacy.

SLC’s neighbor to the south has just as vibrant an artistic street scene, so we have also included our In Plain Site features from South Salt Lake in this invitation to discovery.


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