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Daily Bytes
What's New: Chris Terry

What’s New: Chris Terry

USU professor Chris Terry says: “I finished off 2014 with a multi-panel interior painting that was intended as a folding screen for a specific space in a home (quick and dirty iPhone image below). I shipped it out to the client just before New Year’s Day and then began 2015 by completing two very simple...

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What's New: Al Denyer

What’s New: Al Denyer

Al Denyer’s studio is looking quite empty, as she has just taken some large drawings off the wall to go out to different exhibitions. The nationally known artist and U assistant professor, originally from Bath, England, tells us: “I am currently working on ‘The Green River Series’ of drawings and paintings, which address the river...

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What's New: Josh Winegar

What’s New: Josh Winegar

Photographer and WSU Professor Josh Winegar says he is currently at work finishing up a series titled Burst a Part / Burst Apart. “It’s a body of work that employs the act of photographing personally significant sites from my life/memory and then rupturing those images with the basic material of photographic work, light. What remains are images...

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What's New: Dave Malone

What’s New: Dave Malone

Popular Phillips artist Dave Malone says he has been juggling art-making with his brand design business for some time now and acknowledges its challenges. On top of that, he says, “I’m a father of a 3-year-old and I have another little girl due in early April. Needless to say, time is coveted, indeed. “Those who...

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What's New: Sarinda Jones

What’s New: Sarinda Jones

Glass artist Sarinda Jones has just learned she will be doing a show at Art Access in April in conjunction with the Moran Eye Center. She is collaborating with Bryan Jones, Ph.D., of Moran to design and create fused glass sculptures inspired by the structure of eye cells and microscopic images of the iris. A...

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What's New: Mark Hedengren

What’s New: Mark Hedengren

Photographer, author, filmmaker, philosopher and entrepreneur Mark Hedengren tells us: “After doing a few series on peoples’ interaction with nature as shown in my show at the UVU (Woodbury) art museum, “The Natural Man,” I am now doing work that focuses on people and the urban environment. Here is a photograph from a crosswalk in...

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What's New: Jared Lindsay Clark

What’s New: Jared Lindsay Clark

A collector who relies on thrift stores to provide his found objects, Jared Lindsay Clark says he finally “relented” to work with kitsch ceramic figurines in earnest in 2006. “I had seen them calling my name since my undergrad years at BYU. I tinkered with the genre but didn’t embrace it fully until I was...

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SUNDAY BLOG READ is your glimpse into the working minds and hearts of Utah’s literary writers. Each month, 15 Bytes offers works-in-progress and / or recently published work by some of the state’s most celebrated and promising writers of fiction, poetry, literary non-fiction and memoir. Today, 15 Bytes features Cedar City-based poet Natalie Young. Here she...

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What's New: Beth Krensky

What’s New: Beth Krensky

Beth Krensky, shown here performing her Shroud/Shawl piece (photographed by Josh Blumental), tells us that for 2015: “I continue to engage with my performative pieces and will return to the Salt Flats to perform my piece, Skirt of Sorrow and Forgiveness that was recently exhibited at the UMFA. I am starting work on an installation,...

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What's New: Paul Butler

What’s New: Paul Butler

Along with worldwide photography and work in his Ogden studio (easel painting, drawing, architectural design) Paul Butler is looking forward to his annual WENDOVER PROJECT, “when, each summer, we create paintings out on the Salt Flats.” The 18th annual event will be Sept. 12. Paul describes it as a “unification and celebration of adult women...

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What's New: Kathy Puzey

What’s New: Kathy Puzey

A recipient of the Utah Arts & Museum Visual Arts Fellowship and associate professor of printmaking at USU, Kathy Puzey says she is currently working on completing a series she began last year. “They are mixed media objects based on the firewood that I’ve burned during the winter months. I’d like to end up with at...

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What's New: Hyunmee Lee

What’s New: Hyunmee Lee

Hyunmee Lee is “experimenting with a variety of mark-making to achieve depth in my painting. Experimenting with these works on paper and creating gestural calligraphy are always giving me inspirations. This year I am living seriously a notion of ‘empowerment of self.’ ” After 19 years in Utah and eight in her isolated Highland studio,...

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