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Cracking the Nut of O’Keeffe’s Genius: Jennifer Sinor’s Letters Like the Day

Georgia O’Keeffe was an artist of such compelling vision that an entire region of the United States redecorated to match her aesthetic. I don’t mean that as snark. Contemplation of O’Keeffe’s art actually changes the way we understand erosional geomorphology, flowering plants, sun-bleached bones, deep blue skies, and […]

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“Embracing Diverse Voices: A Century of African-American Art” Shares a Common Truth

As the American artist Barbara Januszkiewicz once noted, people need to “be drawn to the visual arts [to] expand [the] imagination.” On the power of art and progress, Januszkiewicz further stated, “creative thinking inspires ideas [and] ideas inspire change.” Embracing Diverse Voices: A Century of African-American Art, now […]

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Navigating Graham Brown’s Sonder

Sonder, a collaborative immersive dance theater experience choreographed and directed by Graham Brown and produced by Sackerson will run for two weekends at the Eagles Hall. This historic Salt Lake City site was built in 1911 and has served as a place to house social and cultural activities, […]