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David Baddley: Carmel Diagonal at UMOCa

Salt Lake City
Jul 5, 2024 – Jan. 11, 2025

Consider a memory or an experience. How do you encapsulate it? Does it reside solely in your mind, ready to be summoned at will? Or can it be documented by external tools, like a camera? Which method, if any, is more faithful to the original moment? And are there inherent limitations to both?

Each time you reflect on an experience, the memory of that experience is subject to slight changes. While the camera may capture what is in front of it, the resulting shot is informed by how it is framed, the memory of the experience limited by the eventual failure of the hardware contained within the camera.

David Baddley’s video Carmel Diagonal is concerned with the limitations of the camera. The image we see is that of a beach in Carmel, California. The line where the sky and ocean meet is framed not as a familiar horizon that runs from side to side but as a diagonal running from corner to corner, depicting as much of the sky and the setting sun into the frame as possible. Baddley begins his video near sunset, and as the light fades, the camera’s ability to capture it also fades. Only the sound of waves crashing onto the beach remains. Finally, the video ends when the heat caused by the act of recording the footage becomes too much for the camera to handle, so it shuts down to protect itself.

So, what does it mean to attempt to record an experience through either method? Is it better to be present in a moment rather than concerned about how you’ll remember it in the future? And why are we so concerned with forgetting that we create tools that still fail to capture a desired moment?


Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84101

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