Artist Listings

Artist Listings in our Utah Artists directories are open to all visual artists who reside part-time or full-time in the state of Utah.
The listings will remain on our site as long as the artist resides in the state. If they leave the state the listing will be moved to our Expat Utah Artists directory.
Paid listings will include the information sent by the artist. In addition we will add links to any relevant information published by 15 Bytes.

There is no annual fee for the artist listings.

A one-time setup fee is required to create an artist listing.


If you had an artist listing on our old site we have transferred or will transfer that listing to our new site. It should appear with the original three thumbnails, a short description and a link to your website. You can upgrade to a new ROBUST listing by sending us the additional information indicated in the next section and by paying the upgrade fee of $25.

Upgrade fee: $25

Artist Listing Fees

Or send a check to:
Artists of Utah
P.O. Box 526292
SLC, UT 84152


Our new ROBUST listings allow Utah artists to publish a mini-website on our site for a nominal fee. It is perfect for artists who are just starting out and need a presence on the web. It’s also great for established artists who want to provide our large readership with a taste of their work and a link to their site.

Send any or all of the following to
Short Description: A 25-30 word description of you and your work. Things that might be helpful to include: your mediums, style, location, education.
Bio/Artist Statement: A long description of you and your work. Up to 300 words.
Headshot: This image will appear at the top of your listing, with your bio/statement.
Images: Up to ten images to appear in your artist slideshow. The images need only be 72 dpi, but can be up to 600 pixels wide.
Image List: Please include any information you would like to accompany your image including title, size, medium, date. No prices will be posted.
Links: Please include links to any pertinent sites including your personal website, gallery representation and other sites that feature your art.
Categories: Please indicate in which of the following categories your listing should appear (multiple categories may be indicated):

New Robust Listing Fee: $50

Artist Listing Fees

Or send a check to:
Artists of Utah
P.O. Box 526292
SLC, UT 84152