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Escaping into the Vita Contemplativa: Tranquility at Julie Nester Gallery

Notifications pinging and screens flashing: the average person’s day is filled with hundreds of stimuli demanding attention. In The Human Condition, philosopher Hannah Arendt writes that the point at which the world passed into modernity is when people stopped striving for the vita contemplativa (a life of contemplation) […]

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Tyler Bloomquist’s Exploration of Police Violence in Confusion

 Confusion. The title of the 14-portrait exhibit by Tyler Bloomquist sums up the main emotion felt by many people faced with a violent confrontation between civilians and police, particularly when someone is killed. Bloomquist’s main goal with the portrait series is to capture the frustration and charged atmosphere […]

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Lit Journal Speaks Boldly and Uninterrupted: saltfront, Issue No. 5, Spring 2017

Just as visitors and residents find a rich array of amusement in Utah’s wildlife, scenery and outdoor adventures, the literary journal saltfront (Issue 5, 2017) provides readers with an equally diverse and captivating experience. From the redrocks of Zions to the grandiose Rocky Mountains, each entry paints clearly the cacophony […]