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In Memory at UMOCA

Salt Lake City
Jul 5, 2024 – Feb 22, 2025

The exhibition offers an in-depth and layered meditation on the many angles of what it means to remember and includes the work of 18 artists using a variety of mediums. The stories we tell ourselves about the past, shape who we are on every level, powerfully existing in both mind and body. A small breeze, a smell, an old snapshot, a few notes of a sound can vividly and inexplicably transport the mind from the present to a compelling and fully reconstructed past world. From the artifact to the archive, these archeological objects are meaning-ladened visual clues that stand in for a vast panorama of lives lived.

And yet, despite our deepest desire to hold on to the past, memories are ephemeral, subjective, malleable, and fleeting. To remember is not a clear and concrete act where one simply conjures an intact data-file. Rather, the very act of remembering is to corrupt the memory itself, to constantly remake it.

In this sense, remembering is a creative act.

Roughly organized around three central themes—the document, the remnant, and the ghost—IN MEMORY explores the deep human need not only to tightly cling to our stories and experiences, but also the way—despite our most deliberate efforts to hold and record—our histories, at least in fragment, inevitably scatter and fade.

Participating Artists

Edgar Arceneaux; Hannah Baer; Edward Bateman; Rebecca Campbell; Cara Despain; Angela Ellsworth; Ryan Habermeyer; Emily Hawkins; Julia Jacquette; William Kentridge; René Magritte; Ana Mendieta; Leah Moses; Oscar Muñoz; Helga Landauer Olshvang; Daisy Patton; Dario Robleto; Dalila Sanabria; Michael Scoggins; Do Ho Suh; Mike Womack


Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84101

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