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If You Really Wanted to Get Me Something … Jennifer Rasmusson & Erin Margot

If recent weather is any indication, I don’t think we’ll have to dream of a white Christmas. Bing Crosby’s wishes will likely be a reality for Utah residents. While I love the winter wonderland, I have to admit the icy forecast has me dreaming of spring florals. With that being said, what I want for Christmas is some unique floral works by local artists.
Jennifer Rasmusson was just featured in her newest solo exhibition at ‘A’ Gallery in Salt Lake City.

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In Gallery MAR Exhibit, Havoc Hendricks Shares His Mountain Dream

Provo-based artist Havoc Hendricks calls his pattern-based paintings “detailed minimalism.” The often large-scale paintings recreate linear patterns found in nature, line upon line. Lines and patterns are something Hendricks has observed his whole life. From his childhood in Idaho, he remembers being fascinated by his”grandfather’s geode collection, watching […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Art Access Exhibit at Marriott Library is a Lab of Wonders

You know you’re dealing with successful assemblage when scavenged and repurposed parts unite to transcend their reality as fragments, though without erasing your awareness of them as such, and instead create a totally convincing alternative interpretation in your senses. Such an object is Sylvia Ohara’s “Perspective,” a three-legged […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

In Paint and Clay, Brooke Bowen and Mya Cluff Provide Insight Into “Pandemic Motherhood”

Throughout the Covid pandemic, public conversation made much of the experience of isolation. Recent art exhibits, several reviewed on this site, included interpretations of solitude and of its consequences. Still, for such a commonplace source of suffering, it didn’t seem all that well illustrated — perhaps because it […]