Artists of Utah is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah. Contributions to our organization are tax-deductible.

You can make a financial contribution with a credit card or paypal account by using the following link:
Artists of Utah/15 Bytes is a non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible contributions help make this site possible.

Or, set up a recurring donation. It will be charged automatically and will be so small you want even feel it, but it will help make big changes in Utah’s art community.

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Or send a check to:
Artists of Utah
P.O. Box 526292
SLC, UT 84152

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Tom Aaron
Anne Albaugh
Val Antczak
Gigi Arrington
Maren Bargreen
Edward Bateman
Terrece Beesley
John Bell
Ann Berman
Carol Berrey
Erin Berrett
Dale Berreth
Marcee Blackerby
Connie Borup
Nancy Boskoff
Annie Boyer
Susan Brohmholdt
Donald Bronson
Amy Brunvand
Doug Caputo
Royden Card
Joe Cipro
Cynthia Clark
Carolyn Coalson
Suzanne Conine
Patrice Corneli
Star Coulbrooke
Denise Crane
Lewis Crawford
Ann Davis
Gretchen Dietrich & Monty Paret
Celine Downen
Stefanie Dykes
Kelsey Ellis
Karen Elrod
Sheryl Gillilan
Josanne Glass
Jim Glenn
Brittany Golden
Peter Goss
Cary Griffiths
David Habben
Jeffrey Hale
Jared Harlow
Greg Hatch
Dana Hernandez
Diann Higbee
Stephanie Hock
Lynn Hoffman-Brouse
Horne Fine Art
Willamarie Huelskamp
John Hughes
Christine Hunter
Janell James
Caril Jennings
Gerry Johnson
Susan Jones
Teresa Jordan
Jeff Juhlin
Josh & Catherine Kanter
Waldo Kidd
Patricia Kimball
Lloyd Knowles
Mark Knudsen
Beth Krensky
Karen Krieger
Jack Mormon Coffee
Jacqui Larsen
Emily Larsen
Carol Lenz
Kathryn Lindquist
Thomas Loader
Hikmet Loe
Jennifer Love
Stephanie Lunt
Colour Maisch
Sue Martin
Linda McCausland
Grace Mary McDonough
Frank McEntire
Amanda Moore
Andy Nasisse
Ricklen Nobis
Melanie Nogawski
Joy Nunn
Theresa Otteson
David Pace
Patti Pitts
Jody Plant
Adam Price
Kathy Puzey
Phillips Gallery
Andrew Rice
Kent Rigby
Jorge Rojas
Josh Singh
Maryann Smith
Brian Snapp
Kandace Steadman
Stephen & Regina Stenberg
Nano Taggart
Patti Taylor
Tricia Terry
Brenda Thomas
Dale Thompson
Janean Toone
Stephen Trimble
Nancy Vorm
Rachel White
Wendy Wischer
Judith Wolbach
Jo-Ann Wong
Joan Woodbury
Crystal Young-Otterstrom
Elise Zoller





Artists of Utah is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt non-profit

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