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OFF KILTER, ON POINT Art of the 1960s from Colorado State University at BYU MoA

June 7 – Dec. 7

Tumult, strife, and and societal changes were hallmarks of the 1960s, and the art of the era lived up to the turbulence of the times. Artists like Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, and Helen Gerardia responded to the political, social, and technological advances of their day with art that both embraced and challenged their ever-shifting paradigms.

In this traveling exhibition from Colorado State University’s Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, you’ll take a ride through 40 artworks ranging abstraction to pop art that captures the rapid changes in this chaotically beautiful period of art history. Along with the MOA’s own Counterpoint exhibition, Off Kilter, On Point will be your guide to the brilliance, curiosity, and advocacy that made the art of the 1960s so iconic.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art
North Campus Drive
Provo, UT 84602

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