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Beginning Acrylic: Susette Gertsch’s Tips and Techniques for learning to paint in acrylic

Susette Billedeaux Gertsch’s new book is both “how-to-do” the basics of painting with acrylics and how-not-to-be-tied-down to the realistic details in nature. It’s refreshing to find a “beginning” painting book that right away gives you permission to be painterly rather than a slave to realism and accurate drawing, […]

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On Indian Land: Denae Shanidiin Honors the American Indian Movement at Mestizo

What is the role of the artist: storyteller, activist, documentarian? In this time of ever-increasing globalization, complete with rising concerns about our rights and our future, the lines between roles continue to blur. As artists seek to create works that will appeal to many, they also find themselves […]