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WIP: Alison Neville

The drawings pictured here, on the desk in Alison Neville’s studio, are only days or weeks old, but they belong to a stack of small, quick work spanning almost fifteen years. “Initially they started as a low-anxiety response to keeping a daily sketchbook which I could sketch or doodle on during lunch or other downtime,” the artist says. “The newest problem I’m taking baby steps towards addressing is my fear of using color. Cue sharpies, looking at retro ’60s floral sheets, and slightly bigger paper. I imagine I’ll continue to add to the pile until a conceptual piece gets my attention again but I will always return to drawing as a sort of home base (forgive the sports metaphor, please).”

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35×35: Alison Neville

As part of Artists of Utah’s 35×35 exhibition, at Finch Lane Gallery through June 5, 2020, we spoke with each of the artists about their work. Artist Alison Neville lives and works in Bountiful, where she is the outreach and education director at the Bountiful Davis Art Center. She […]