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Hannah Sandorf Davis

Hannah Sandorf Davis graduated with a degree in art history with a minor in visual arts from Brigham Young University.

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Glimpsing the Wild in a Sea of Concrete: Megan Arné and Clara Koons at Finch Lane

Appreciating nature is becoming more complex. Each moment, our conception of the wild is tainted with the knowledge of dying species, sea turtles stabbed by straws, and the looming destruction of megastorms. It is difficult to go out into nature without encountering plastic on the roads, cardboard on […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Save the Oceans, Fill the Galleries: Artists at BDAC Turn to Disposable Plastic as a Medium

Disposable plasticware is advertised as a convenient alternative to washing dishes, but are disposables really more convenient? With plastics clogging the ocean, factory waste, climate change, and multi-billion dollar initiatives needed to pull the earth back from the brink, we are being killed by disposables. However, convenience has […]