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Joey Behrens

“Riding her bike through the streets of downtown Salt Lake, Joey Behrens watches for an interaction of visual elements—an accidental confluence connecting commonplace optical events that she finds compelling. Returning later with a camera, she takes a photograph to help her remember what she has seen when she draws and possibly paints it. As she stands with her camera pointed, seemingly at nothing in particular, a passing pedestrian is likely to approach her and, voice rising with curiosity, ask her just what she is taking a picture of. To Behrens, this is confirmation that she is on the right track. She believes these visual cues she seeks reveal clues to truths about the world that surrounds us and how our senses perceive it. That we rarely notice them is not due to their scarcity or any lack of ability on our part. Rather, we don’t witness them because out of habit we don’t look for anything we don’t already expect. Her project, what she means her art to do, is to overcome those prejudices in herself, the blinkers that prevent her from seeing with fresh eyes. And if, as a result of her efforts, some of those who view her art also learn to see anew, so much the better…”

Read the full Artist Profile in the September 2009 edition of 15 Bytes

Joey Behrens in downtown Salt Lake, photo by Shalee Cooper


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