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The Art of Baking

Sometimes restaurants decide to hang artwork to enhance their existing business. Occasionally, it’s a part of their original vision when they open up shop. But it is rare when a restaurant includes art as an integral part of its very identity.

That is the case with Art of Baking, a new cafe in downtown Salt Lake. Husband and wife owners Jason and Tawnia Lindsay wanted from the start to blend great food and compelling artwork. So when they opened their business in November of 2003, they built art right into the name.

The owners wanted to give unknown Utah artists a chance to show and sell their work. And their new cafe certainly can accommodate that interest. Located in the space previously occupied by Einstein’s, Art of Baking has plenty of wall space to showcase the work of Utah’s emerging artists.

It’s an informal process. With no real knowledge of gallery operation or about how other alternative venues operate, the Lindsays began by hanging work of friends and acquaintances. There is no set time limit for exhibitions. Prices tend to range from about $50 to $400, with a modest 10 to 15% commission going to the cafe.

Emerging Utah artists are encouraged to call for an appointment to talk with Tawnia about showing their work. Artists should be ready to provide a bio and a portfolio of their work. While accepting a wide variety of pieces, the Lindsays are conscious of Utah’s conservative culture.

Art lovers are encouraged to drop by to enjoy the cuisine and the art! Art of Baking features fresh baked breads, cookies, brownies, breakfast pasteries and boiled bagels. In addition, they offer tasty soups, salads, sandwiches and “an incredible quiche.” Located at 147 South Main in Salt Lake City, Art of Bqaking is open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 7am-3pm Call 746-2488 for more info or to inquire about their catering services.

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