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Steven Larson: Artist Profile

Utah Artist Steve Larson in his SLC studio

Utah Artist Steve Larson in his SLC studio. Photo by Matt and Laura Chiodo.

Even though Steven Larson is one of the most successful young artists in Salt Lake City, he hesitates to allow this designation to define just who he is. “I am a dedicated father, who cares for his 10 year old son, who also takes up similar interests: playing musical instruments, drawing and creative writing.” He does describe his art as a form of abstract expressionism and it is apparent that expressive qualities animate many facets of his persona. “I want to evoke ideas that are open to flexibility, not rigid or one-dimensional in concept,” says the artist, who has much to say and many ways of saying it.

Larson is showing a new body of work this month at Salt Lake’s Kayo Gallery. Read our Artist Profile in the March 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

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