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Sixteen Candles Fundraiser

We’re celebrating sixteen years as Utah’s art magazine! Help make it sweet with a contribution to our Fall Fundraiser.



For a donation of $150 we’ll send you one of these fine thank-you gifts:


A copy of “Final Light: The Art and Life of V. Douglas Snow”

Read our review of the book here.


A copy of “The Spiral Jetty Encyclo” by Hikmet Sidney Loe

Read our review of the book here.


A copy of “A Song of Joys: The Biography of Mahonri Mackintosh Young” by Norma S. Davis


A copy of “Branding the American West,” winner of the 15 Bytes Book Award

Read our review of the book here.

As part of our Sixteen Candles Fundraiser we also have the following original artwork from the estate of Francis Zimbeaux for purchase at special prices:

We appreciate donations in any amount.

Student or starving artist? May we suggest a $15 donation.
A little more comfortable? The average (mean) amount donated from our contributors is $70.

Artists of Utah is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt non-profit

You can send checks to:
Artists of Utah
P.O. Box 526292
SLC, UT 84152You can email us at


What do you pay for?

In addition to dozens of volunteers who help make this magazine possible, 15 Bytes has four part-time staffers who help make it happen every month. Your donation goes directly to pay these staff members as well as writers, photographers and videographers who provide content to 15 Bytes.

In the past six months we published over 100 articles, covering Utah’s visual, literary and performing arts.




We’d like to thank the following individuals for their generous contributions:
3 Irons
Kristian Anderson
Christine Baczek
Ethan Barley
Edward Bateman
Terrece Beesley
Dale Berreth
Connie Borup
Victoria Bourns
Kim Brown
Doyle Christensen
Patrice Corneli
Crane Studios
Lewis Crawford
Ann Davis
Meri Decaria
Stefanie Dykes
Karen Elrod
Melanie Ferguson
Jim Frazer
Carol Fulton
Sheryl Gillilan
Josanne Glass
Cary Griffiths
Susan Harris
Karen Horne
Willamarie Huelskamp
Gerry Johnson
Calvin Jolley
Susan Jones
Jeff Juhlin
Emily Larsen
Carol Lenz
Hikmet Sidney Loe
Juanita Marshall
Sue Martin
Linda McCausland
Hilary Nitka
Joy Nunn
Michael Pribich
Adam Price
Hadley Rampton
Irene Rampton
Nathanael Read
Andrew Rice
Judy Shoemaker
Brad Slaugh
Daniel Smith
Kandace Steadman
Suzanne Storer
Nathaniel Taggart
Dale Thompson
Sylvia Torti
Ryan Trimble
Nancy Vorm
Under the Table
Elise Zoller


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