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Mary Toscano

Toscano_M_HeadshotMary Toscano grew up in Salt Lake City and received a BFA in Printmaking and Photography from the University of Utah. Toscano works in drawing, printmaking, installation, and works on and with paper. She has shown her work locally and nationally. Toscano is an Artist-in-Residence at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. She works as the Exhibitions Coordinator for the J. Willard Marriott Library and Book Arts Program at the University of Utah.

Artist Statement

Mary Toscano creates idiosyncratic narratives focusing on themes of isolation, fatalism, and the threat of impending cultural and environmental shifts. Often represented through depictions of human and animal interactions, the ambiguous narratives suggest a tension between the individual and the collective, and manmade and natural worlds. The minimal landscapes and expansive negative space heighten the unease and alienation depicted by the detached human figures.

Artist Images

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