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John Huerta


John Huerta, Jr. was born in Ogden, Utah in 1964. Introduced to drawing by his mother, Carol, John studied with several area artists and learned to work in pastel, watercolor and oils. The artist is currently focused on working en plein air, and studio landscapes in oil. John majored in illustration at Utah State University, where he earned a bachelor of science in Art in 2001.

Artist Statement

Working outdoors has inspired my painting process. I find that being on location creates an understanding of the subject that is difficult to arrive at working in the studio. Success for me is conveying a sense of time and place in my paintings. I’m inspired by color and contrast, attempting to organize the unlimited variation of nature into a personal statement. I try to leave enough unsaid so that the viewer can add their perception and understanding to the work. As my aesthetic has evolved, pattern, light and color are more important than subject matter. I find it rewarding to reveal beauty in unexpected places, the pattern of summer grass in a field, a brush covered hillside, the subtle variations of color on the surface of a moss covered pond.



Artist Images

“Calf Creek Trail” 11:x14″ Oil on canvas

“Huntsville Pond” 16″x20″ Oil on canvas

“Morning On The Provo” 11″x14″ Oil on canvas

“Old Number 26″ 8″x10” Oil on canvas

“Pond Study” 11″x14″ Oil on canvas

“River Moss” 8″x10″ Oil on canvas

“Slow Thaw” 8″x10″ Oil on canvas

“Aspen Path” 8″x10″ Oil on canvas


“Around The Bend” 11:x14″ Oil on canvas

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