Salt Lake Area Exhibitions

Press releases for current visual art exhibitions in Salt Lake City and surounding area.

Peter Everett: Hypnagogic at Material Gallery

South Salt Lake Apr. 27 – June 28 Opening reception: Saturday, April 27, from 6:00-9pm, with an artist talk from 5:30-6pm Born in Utah and raised moving around the country, Peter Everett received an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute and is currently a professor of art at Brigham […]

Roux: A Group Show at Alpine Art

Salt Lake City Apr. 19 – May 11 Gallery Stroll Reception: Friday, Apr. 19, 6-9 pm “Art is like a roux; a rich base and necessary ingredient required to nourish and sustain the soul of the home. We affirm art as a foundational element in an interior space […]

Reframed at Modern West

Salt Lake City Mar. 21 – May 3 Reframed accentuates the diverse methodologies of twelve modern and contemporary women artists, interwoven through their experience of social expectation, landscape and environment. The exhibition showcases how these women use their work to challenge traditional narratives and reframe our understanding of […]

Know Your Folk at Chase Home Museum

Salt Lake City Mar. 6 – June 8 Chase Home Museum’s exhibition “Know Your Folk” features our new folk art acquisitions in the State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection. “Know Your Folk” highlights an array of artists and pieces from across the state. The show explores […]

Linnie Brown: Proximity at ‘A’ Gallery

Salt Lake City Mar. 15 – Apr. 27 Artist reception: Friday, MARCH 15, 6-9pm In Proximity, Linnie Brown presents remembered places using fragments of landscapes, architecture, and everyday landmarks that come together to create mental postcards of abstracted human experience. Using layered shifts in perspective and scale, she […]

Andrew Alba: Inheritance at Material Gallery

South Salt Lake Mar. 1 – Apr. 19 Reception: Friday, Mar. 1, 6-9 pm and Friday, Apr. 19, 6-9 pm Born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, Andrew Alba is a self-taught artist and descendant of Mexican migrant workers. His nontraditional background is a constant influence as […]

Liminal at SLCC’s Center for Arts & Media

Salt Lake City Feb. 29 – Apr. 12 Opening reception Feb. 29, 6-8 p.m. Liminal, a solo exhibition by Colombian American artist Zahir, known for his conceptual photographs and a love for analog processes. In addition to visual art, Zahir composes orchestral music that often conveys emotion through melodic […]

Paul Kos: Oracles at UMOCA

Salt Lake City Jan. 26 – June 29 Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Paul Kos is a conceptual artist for whom nature, culture, and language are best understood as process: as sites of labored emergence where transmutation and (mis)translation are constants. Continuing themes from his […]

Diane Tuft: Entropy at UMOCA

Salt Lake City Jan. 26 – Apr. 27 Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Entropy is “a measure of disorder within a system,” which can increase if left unchecked. In the case of climate change, greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, creating increasingly unpredictable patterns […]

Everything Is Collective: Expected Image at UMOCA

Salt Lake City Jan. 26 – Apr. 27 Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Over the past five years, Everything Is Collective has made experimental works in response to how the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) uses visuality, photography, and images as a crucial part of […]

Jorge Rojas & Dr. Sasha Reed: The Biocrust Project

Salt Lake City Jan. 26 – June 1 Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Humans use both art and science to explore, understand, and communicate about our world. Despite this inherent connection, artists and scientists typically work in isolation. Canyonlands Research Center’s (CRC’s) Artist in Residence […]

As the Lake Fades at UMOCA

Salt Lake City Jan. 26 – June 8 Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm   As The Lake Fades explores drought, climate change, and the environmental crisis facing Utahns today through the lens of the Great Salt Lake. The lake and our air quality are recognizable signs […]

Jerrin Wagstaff: American Landscapes at UMOCA

Salt Lake City Jan. 26 – Mar. 30 Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm   Utah Museum of Contemporary Art 20 S. West Temple Salt Lake City UT 84101 801.328.4201 Listings15 Bytes posts press releases regarding the arts in Utah, including exhibitions, call for entries, job […]

Jeff Myers: “Celebrating Color” at Anderson-Foothill Branch

Salt Lake City Oct. 21 – Dec. 1 Reception, Saturday, Oct. 21, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm  I am a painter who passionately believes, and more importantly lives, the following: What the world needs is more people with paint-stained hands. More people with clay on their blue jeans, […]