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Myles Howell

Myles Howell grew up in Southern Utah and has always been inspired by the landscapes of the desert. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Utah State
University in the spring of 2018. He learned the art of stone carving while studying at USU and has enjoyed teaching as an adjunct professor at the university. He has continued to make sculptures that are based on his abstraction of bone structures and forms that inspire him as an artist. He works from his home studio in Logan, UT. where he continues to push his work to create art that creates emotion for his collectors. He had the opportunity to travel abroad and show his work in an international art show, at the Tsukuba Museum of Art in Japan. Myles is a 7 year participant of the Loveland Sculpture in the Park show, and is currently showing his work at Terzian Galleries in Park City, UT. He also has large outdoor sculptures exhibited on the campus of Utah State University, as well as the Niwot Sculpture Park in Niwot, CO.

Artist Statement
“Growing up I remember the vivid landscapes of the Southern Utah desert. I spent a lot of time in the desert mountains and remember finding bones on many hikes. I was amazed by the shapes each bone had and how they worked together to allow the animals to move. My sculptural ideas are derived from these bone forms found in the desert. I study these shapes and work to abstract them. The convex and concave elements found in bones resonate in my abstracted forms. The lines and planes in my forms often appear and fade away, drawing you in and around each sculpture. I place voids in my work to allow light to pass through creating more visual interest. My intent is to express my visions from the desert and I hope each viewer has a connection in their own way to my work.”



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