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Rosanna Lynne Welter Reveals a New Perspective on Fabric and Form

It’s clear why Welter distinguishes these works by calling them “fiber art.” Many quilts, especially those likely to be seen in the gallery today, may be no less art, but are more public in their intentions and expression. Rosanna Lynne Welter’s textiles distinguish themselves by sharing more personal, private, even intimate thoughts and feelings. What they don’t do is look like what’s expected, and in that many be found the most important clue of all.

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Kathleen Peterson Captures Harmony in Impressive Exhibit at F. Weixler

Kathleen Peterson’s central concern, her subject and theme, which can be found in everything she paints, is harmony. … Humans learn primarily from models, and here are some that might help change a viewer’s life. It’s this positive, emotional conviction that inheres in them, and is felt by willing viewers, that accounts for Kathleen Peterson’s substantial popularity and presence in so many collections and homes.

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Michael Malm, Shalandrea Houchen, Chip Thomas, Bianca Velasquez, Kelly Tapìa-Chuning, Bruce Smith, Esther Hi’ilani Candari

11/11 BYUTV ARTFUL: Michael Malm / Kichaa Man Chitrakar Michael Malm encounters challenges while creating a painting for his church. Kichaa Man Chitrakar draws closer to his family through his artwork. WATCH NOW 11/9 SALT LAKE MAGAZINE: What’s Ya Vibe Awakens Utah Audiences and Uplifts POC Artists Shalandrea […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Andrea Jensen Explores the Poignant Intersection of Landscape and Loss in ‘Solastalgia’

It’s fairly obvious to the discerning that our environment is changing in challenging ways. It’s also apparent that so far, the process remains deniable. Each new degree of temperature, each addition to the severity of storms, soon becomes the “new normal,” so that the continuing slide into inhospitality remains concealed. What Jensen seeks to do in her art is to elevate that almost subliminal transition until it becomes ominous, but to do so without losing track of the appeal of the places she represents. …