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Features on public art published in 15 Bytes, Utah’s art magazine.

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Realism Illuminated: Megan Oldhues Captures Everyday Moments in Midvale’s Mural Scene

  Megan Oldhues brings a contemporary realist vibe to the street-dominant mural scene. The Toronto-based artist is known for work that is highly realistic, capturing intricate details of the human form, clothing, and environments. Utilizing a rich and vibrant color palette, she enhances the realism and emotional impact of […]

Art Lake City | In Plain Site | Visual Arts

New South Salt Lake Mural Covers Up Bicycle Collective Mural and Argues for the Rights of Mural Artists

In the vibrant streets of South Salt Lake, a new mural spans nearly 180 square meters, serving not only as a canvas of colors but as a medium for critical social commentary. The mural’s imagery is striking—figures wielding tools that symbolize the creation and manipulation of their own […]

Art Lake City | In Plain Site | Visual Arts

Jessica Wiarda Creates Mural Full of Movement, Vitality and a Celebration of Her Hopi Heritage

Utah artist Jessica Wiarda has brought a captivating new mural to the South Salt Lake Mural Fest, strategically placed along the S Line (475 E. S Line Corridor). The mural bursts with energy, capturing dynamic imagery that celebrates her Hopi heritage from her matrilineal side. In Wiarda’s signature […]

Art Lake City | In Plain Site | Visual Arts

Ernesto Maranje’s Mural in South Salt Lake Blends Wildlife with Urban Spaces

Ernesto Maranje, a mural artist celebrated for his unique ability to blend natural and mechanical elements, has created another captivating piece on the side of an apartment building in South Salt Lake. This mural features a large, detailed portrayal of a moose, intertwined with elements that showcase Maranje’s […]

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