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May 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Michael Arata at House Gallery
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Michael Arata’s Remember, a series that is a haunting meditation on absence, is based on photographic images of female murder victims, the paintings include detailed drawings of the victim’s hair.|0| The hairstyles, appropriated from cheap portrait photography like yearbook photos, pose within the frame, floating in the air, supported by invisible and very absent women.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UPCOMING: Sculpture by Brian Christensen|1| and paintings by Oonju Chun.|2| Brian Christensen’s exhibit, consisting of two small sculpture installations and several pedestal and wall sculptures, explores "the minimal space between conscious and subconscious perception"(see page 1). Oonju Chun's newest oil paintings are characterized by gestural brush strokes that hold a quick juxtaposition of value against color and soft edges against hard edges.

UMFA UP: Georges Rouault: Circus of the Shooting Star.|3| The images in Rouault's portfolio of etchings, Cirque de l'Etoile Filante (Circus of the Shooting Star), demonstrate Rouault's attempt to strip away the "spangles" of the clown's costume and reveal the "reflection of paradise lost"(see our March edition). AND: At Work: Prints from the Great Depression features Depression-era prints focusing on men and women at work, and speaks powerfully to contemporary questions—underscored by anxieties surrounding the great recession—about the place of labor in our lives.|4|AND: The Faculty Show: Recent Work by The University of Utah Art Faculty (see our review in the April edition). AND: salt 5: Daniel Everett. In his installation, Everett contemplates the changing role of now-obsolete technologies by repurposing them and putting them to use in fresh and inventive ways. |5|

UP:Sundance Film Festival's New Frontiers 2012 exhibit (see our review in the February 2012 edition). AND: FAX, guest curated by João Ribas and co-organized by The Drawing Center and Independent Curators International, has traveled world-wide, amassing faxes in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.|6| AND: Elizabeth Tobias: Let Them Eat Cupcakes combines performance, outreach and installation to create a sobering commentary about the scale of hunger in the United States. AND: Mark Hedengren’s The Invincibility Fable is featured in round 3 of the Locals Only Gallery. The exhibit is a survey of over 30 color photographs taken from Hedengren's “Cliff Jumpers” series that depict the exuberant youth culture found at swimming holes across the American South and Mountain West.|7|

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP:Noticers: The Intersections of Art and Science addresses the integration and collaboration of these two seemingly disparate fields. Both visual arts and hands-on, interactive installations are part of the presentation. The heart of the exhibit features 8 interactive “Art and Science Stations”, each with a particular emphasis.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UPCOMING: (Re)Affirming Visions by Chicana artist Veronica Perez offers representations and stories of indigenous pasts, present day issues and future concerns which often go unaddressed.

CENTRAL GALLERY (228 East 500 South, Ste 100) UP: Intrigued by ecological disturbance and the cycle of life and death, Lisa Clement captures the essence of arboreal disturbances from dying conifers and aspen from beetle kill and the increased salinity of our roadside soils. Her newest “Macro Environments: A study of the natural world” series reflects forms of life that can grow in harsh environments on rocks or trunks of trees.|8|

ALPINE ART UP: Utah State University Student and Staff Exhibition showcases 25 USU drawing and painting students and their instructors (Zachary Proctor, Matt Larson, and Chuck Landvatter). UPCOMING: Featuring works from local artists that evoke the colors, scenery, and emotion of springtime in the Mountain-West. This show aims to capture the joy of returning to our outdoor lives, and how natural vibrancy catalyses new artistic creation.

CAFFE NICHE UP: PJ and Sarah Mannion, husband and wife locals that share a love for painting. PJ portrays striking and unique portraits of people and animals. Sarah incorporates chalks and charcoals to portray simply pleasant imagery. UPCOMING: Impressionistic mixed media work by Mary Tull.

NOX CONTEMPORARY UP: Neil Hadlock: Nineteen-Ninety to Now features a sample of Neil Hadlock’s sculpture, paintings, and works on paper produced over the past two decades.|9|

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: New works by Anni Stafford exploring diversity and color in her portraits, figures and people living their daily activities|10|UPCOMING: A grouping of three exhibits: Thangka Paintings, Tibetan religious paintings offering a beautiful manifestation of the divine,|11| photographs of Nepal by Carmen Fournier,|12| and the rare ethnographic jewelry of Jacki Marsh of Rabbask Designs.|13|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Gestalt Portraits by Margaret Tarampi. |14| AND: Wooden Sculptures by Shirley Tegan.|15| UPCOMING: 300 Plates exhibit featuring artwork by scores of Utah artists. . AND: Mixed Media by Todd Anderson.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: New arrivals by the well-known sculptor and oil painter, Dennis Smith. Smith's abstract narratives focus on his "...recollections of life in rural Utah." |16|

MESTIZO ARTS UP: Expressions of Healing features art made by survivors of sexual assault, their families and community allies. UPCOMING: In Dollar Daze NYC-based artists, Michael Pribich and Esperanza Cortes use popular culture references to examine how present day economics, immigration policy, labor issues, and hybridization affect the human condition of the working class in the United States. The installations, which employ sculpture, collage and sound elements, emphasize the importance of dreams and desire to overcome the struggle presented by everyday obstacles.

UAF GALLERY UP: Natural Treasures, work by painters Richard Horrocks, Gary Merrell and photographer Hal Wallace. UPCOMING: Particulation/Caught Up in the Moment with Christine McDonough, Michelle Condrat and Kim Blackburn.

Bad Art show. UPCOMING: Fine art by illustrators Desarae Lee|17| and David Habben.|18|
Margaret Tarampi at Art Access

RIO GALLERY UPCOMING: Claudia Sisemore & Friends, an exhibit of works by the artist and filmmaker as well as work by 30 of her peers and former students (see our article page 6).

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Earl Jones, Denis Phillips Tony Smith, Deral Barton. AND: In the Dibble Gallery: Richard Burton. UPCOMING: New paintings by Lori Nelson, and sculpture by Cordell Taylor. AND: Randee Levine in the Dibble Gallery.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Step into Spring featuring exhilarating new pastels and paintings of ballroom and latin dancers by Karen Horne. These dancer pieces are the lastest phase of the artist's onging series on the "Art of Performance," but shift the emphasis from scenes of theatres to the performers themselves.|19|

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: In Retro Interventions Kat Martin transforms discarded 70's style landscape paintings and gives them new life. UPCOMING: May the Force Be With You, a Star Wars themed show featuring local artists.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: A group show from the UTah Artist Hands family including a collection of Ballet Dancers by Ogden artist Roberta Glidden. UPCOMING: Steve Salget Memorial (1957 - 2008). Work by an exceptional artist in a show of appreciation for the work of the Utah AIDS Foundation.|20| With a special showing of new work by Steven K. Shefield.

ART AT THE MAIN UPCOMING: Working like the master painters of the Renaissance, Salt Lake artist Sandy Fullmer layers oil paint until it glows with color and light and creates a sensual experience for the viewer. Fullmer's goal is to paint so realistically that "you smell the roses, taste the pears, or feel the sun hitting the objects in the picture," she says. The goal is achieved over and over in her richly realistic paintings.

Sandy Fullmer

Amy Howton

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Reading Palms, photographs by Amy Howton that focus on the hands as mediums of communication. Brilliant color and use of chiaroscuro heightens expression and sets the stage for each performance.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Silhouettes 2011: A Stamp in Time, works by Dave C. Thomas. The artist highlights aspects of his photographs by silhouetting figures and laying them on digitally created backgrounds.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Smashing Art, mosaic art by Debby Chavez.
Geography Lesson II by qi peng .

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Red Rock Refraction, landscape paintings by Carol Berrey.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Fashion oriented art by Jill Barton, Paris Gerrard, Sheryl Thornton and Erin Berrett. UPCOMING: Paintings by Tessa Barton and Holly Addi, and sculptures by Josh Toone

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTCHARE UP: Photographs by Skylar Neilsen.

LOCAL COLORS UP: Oh, The Places We've Been and three featured artists: Ron Moulton, painter; Allan and JoAnn Merrill, photography; and Lorin Thurell, jewelry.

6th Avenue Gallery & Frame Shop (752 E 6th Avenue) UP:Paul Winter paints figures from life where he explores color and gesture with invigorating enthusiasm. UPCOMING: Real and surreal watercolors of award-winning artist, Jane Myers.

PTC LOGE GALLERY UPCOMING: Setting the Stage: Fifty Years of Pioneer Theatre Design, a collection of theatrical renderings from dozens of designers whose creations have been brought to life on the Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre’s main stage since its inaugural season in 1962.

SLUSSER GALLERY UPCOMING: Contemporary realist landscape and still life exhibition by Utah artists, and wearable art by Amelia Slusser.

RED KILN UP: Presenting the Results, wood fired pottery from the Red Kiln Potters working with international wood fire potter John Dix.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E Broadway (300 S); 801-521-0243) UP: Glimpse, a fiber art installation by the Utah Surface Design Group.

A GALLERY UPCOMING: Contemporary landscapes by Andy Taylor.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UPCOMING: New works by Michael Workman and Ron Richmond.

COPPER PALATE PRESS UPCOMING: Spring Art Adoption, a one day event to benefit Unite for Sight, featuring work by 20 young Utah artists.

RIO GRAND CAFE (270 S. Rio Grande Street) UP: Images of the West by Annie Sola, featuring scenes from Arizona, Wyoming and Utah.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UPCOMING: New works and evocative images of vanishing Americana, time-worn inner cities by California's Dan Graziano.

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: Joan Duran's abstract paintings and works on paper.

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