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May 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Robert Mellor at the CUAC
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

New work from Robert Mellor.|0| While it can be said that any work of art comes alive as art by a viewer’s active engagement, Mellor foregrounds this relationship by composing works of arresting beauty that compel viewers to re-enact the process of composition with the artist. In his work Mellor often combines references abstracted from landscape and organic forms, cityscapes and architecture, and cascading fabric from fashion design in totally new ways. His new paintings expand on his use of multiple planes and layers of space in figurative abstraction works that combine ground layers of ink washes on which the multiple layers of acrylic are imposed in sharp relief. AND: Mom’s always afraid I am going to hurt myself…I usually do, new work from Jared Steffensen. Jared Steffensen uses actions, objects, and the residual marks created by the act of skateboarding, and translates them into a visual language that is specific to contemporary art.|1| AND: untitled edifice, an installation by Stephanie Leitch in which she has inserted one architecture onto another, interpolating ideas of place and purpose.|2| In folding a document of space onto one that exists in real time, she is also exploring the hyper-real and notions of constructed realities. AND: New work from Huginn Thor Arason. The Icelandic artist is interested in transforming the role of the exhibition space and addressing ideas of collaboration, values, and means of production within the social framework.|3|

Spring City Heritage Days
UPCOMING: Historic Architecture and Art Tour, an annual event which includes a tour of many of the town’s charming pioneer era homes and buildings. This year all of the homes open to the public are on Main Street. The event will begin at the home of Dave Ericson, a local art dealer and historian (12 East 300 South). He will provide a short lecture and private tour of a few locations not open to the public. You will then be free the remainder of the day to tour the homes and artist studios open to the public. An art and antique sale is also held at the Old Spring City School.

St. George Art Museum UP: St. George Then & Now - Historic & Contemporary Photographs. Apropos of the City of St. George’s 150th birthday, this exhibit pairs historic photographs from the Lynne Clark Collection of the early days of St. George with photographs taken by photographer Dave Becker. . AND: Collections within the Collection Show contains over 150 pieces of art in both two-dimensions and three-dimensions by artists well represented in the museum's collection. UPCOMING:Clouds and the Night AND: Starry, Starry Night: The Paintings of Serena. AND: Starry, Starry Night, National Parks through the Lens of Wally Pacholka Show.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Senior BFA Portfolio Show presents the culmination of work by the Senior BFA candidates graduating in May. The exhibit features a wide variety of mediums from ceramics to charcoal to digital photography and graphic design.
. UPCOMING: When SUU Art Education students travel into Iron County schools, their enthusiasm inspires youngsters to create a color retrospective inspired by local life. These young artists’ creativity will be showcased in the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery in the 6-Inch Art Show.

Covey Center for the Arts UP: Seasons in the Rockies: Landscapes by McRay Magleby. Magleby, whose love of nature and hiking is the inspiration for his work says, " I know the painting is finished when a final brush stroke gives me the impression that I’m right there inside the picture.”|4| AND: Line: Photography by M.A. Coberly is an ongoing body of work that illustrates simplistic landscapes with an emphasis on strong graphic shapes while maintaining a natural and pleasing feel.|5| These lines can be found in large scale, like the sandstone canyon walls of Southern Utah as well as small intimate settings of ice formations in Alberta Canada.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with Arts of Islamic Culture poses the question “What makes Islamic Art, Islamic?” To address this, Dr. Al Khemir has created a show with over 250 works that features historical and geographic background with succeeding sections of calligraphy, figurative imagery and pattern. |6| AND: The Weir Family, 1820-1920: Expanding the Traditions of American Art is the first major exhibition to collectively examine paintings by Robert Walter Weir (1803-1889), John Ferguson Weir (1841-1926), and Julian Alden Weir (1851-1919). . AND: In the Electronic Gallery, Seoungho Cho’s video artwork blends West and East by overlaying the pulsing drum solo from Iron Butterfly’s famous 1960s rock song “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” with a Buddhist drumming ritual. AND: People in a Hard Land: Iconic Images of Life in the Southwest focuses on iconic images of people in the American Southwest: pioneers, cowboys, and Indians moving across a vast uninhabited landscape; men and women engaged in the hard labor of taming a wild land; and people from different cultures living in harmony with nature and each other.|7|

BYU Library Exhibits UP: Nick Bontorno. .

Utah County Art Gallery UP: Spring Fine Art Juried Show.

Woodbury Art Museum UPCOMING: Wet Into Wet.The show's title refers to the term used by artists working in watermedia. The technique uses layers of wet paint to achieve different effects within an image. This exhibition is arranged by varying techniques and represents local work by the Utah Watercolor Society and Jan James, with new pieces by James C. Christensen.

Springville Museum of Art UP: 88th Annual Spring Salon is open to all styles of artistic expression. The exhibition will attempt to balance various areas of artistic concern, including Traditional, Realism, Impressionism, Modernism, Visionary, Conceptual and Western/Americana.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens UPCOMING: Follow His Light, presented by Inspirational Artists Association, depicts the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ through approximately 70 sculptures, paintings and other art mediums.

 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

4/1 Scott Gutierrez on the cover of Catalyst magazine

4/2 Discover 'Unrevealed City' at WSU gallery

4/4 Abstracts inspire North Ogden's Shirlee Hancock Nelson

4/5 Local artist spotlight:
Tim Candelaria

4/5 Brian Balty favors the emu egg for his delicate, carved art.

4/5 Hard Land Life: BYU exhibit celebrates people of the Southwest

4/9/ Taking stock of Utah's newest museum: The Leonardo

4/9 Local artist spotlight: Meggie Troili

4/9 Cache County students create rolling galleries.

4/9 Mark Owens: Photographer finds humanity in celebrity

4/9 Sittable art raises artistic awareness and $10,000

4/12 Climb the Rockies at the Covey Center

4/13 Ghetto life fuels artist's imagination.

4/13 Promoting contemporary art at BYU

4/16 Young architects build a city at the Salt Lake City library

4/16 Life, death and swimmin' holes at UMOCA

4/17 USU museum is screening episodes of the PBS series "Art in the Twenty-First Century" before they are shown on television.

4/21 Color comes alive in April Lamplight exhibit.

4/23 Art meets history in Davis Center renovation.

4/23 Sit up, take notice at Utah Cultural Celebration Center exhibit.

4/26 Newcomers shine in 88th edition of Utah's finest art show.

4/27 Ogden welcomes colorful 'Viva Frida'

4/27 History through a steampunk lens.

4/27 Contemporary art gets low at UMFA

4/30 Margaret Tarampi at Art Access: Gestalt portraits connect the dots.

4/30 $300,000 centerpiece of Ogden River restoration nears completion

4/30 Verisimilitude check at Dead Horse point.


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