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Jennifer Martisen Rasmusson

Jennifer Martisen Rasmusson shifts between realistic and abstract gestural elements composed with a strong element of collage art.

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Conversations with Jennifer Rasmusson

by Robyn Heirtzler

Southern Utah artist Jennifer Rasmusson not only makes a living with her paintings, she carries on conversations with them.

Her paintings begin with a base of thickened paint to give them depth, followed by an application of colors to erase any sign that the canvas had shown up at her house in one solid color – white. “I hate white canvases,” Rasmusson says. “They’re no good at all.”

Rasmusson resolves this problem with big splotches, drips and splashes of color. She uses palette knives to scrape paint on and off, using many mediums to thicken the paint. Her brushes “scrumble” the paint into the fabric, creating the perfect dips and lines for the painting to follow. This is what Jennifer calls the “real raw part of painting, just paint as paint — drips and scrumbles.”


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