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Nuha Moretz

I am a Yemeni-American artist who moved to Utah in 2018. My love and appreciation for art started when I was in high school while living in Tokyo, Japan. I spent countless hours in the art lab, and took every class possible. I longed to pursue a degree in art, but my parents talked me out of it in favor of a more “practical” path. While pursuing an M.A from Ohio University in International Studies as a Fulbright Scholar, I studied education reform and gender equity, topics that are still dear to my heart, even as I have returned to my earlier passion for art.

These studies helped launch my “practical” career working and traveling in multiple countries in North and East Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Throughout my travels, I always took time to connect with local artists, take classes, and collect original pieces that touched me. I am very grateful to have had these opportunities along the way, since they influenced my development and growth as an artist.


As an emerging contemporary artist, I like to use shape, form, colors and textures to create depth with unique layering of materials. My heart and hands engage with the materials to express feelings, memories, and my conscious and subconscious thoughts. At times, my art reflects my desire to express what I cannot convey through mere words, whether it’s a social or political topic.

Art is a form of communication, and I paint to channel inspiration from everything around me, my travels and nature. There is an unspoken deeper self-understanding and connection with our natural environment. Through my paintings I aim to evoke attention to the intricacies of nature, the colors, textures and patterns.

I want to invite the viewer to pause and connect with nature, reflect on a topic or a long-lost memory. My goal is to connect with people through my art in a way that is freeing and emotionally engaging.




Nuha Moretz, “Divided Life,” 24×18 in.


Nuha Moretz, “Beautiful Sea Horizon,” 30×40 in.


Nuha Moretz, “Horizon at Sunset,” 36×35 in.


Nuha Moretz, “Night Sky Ocean Horizon,” 30×24 in.


Nuha Moretz, “Ocean Waves,” 38×24 in.


Nuha Moretz, “Perfect Horizon,” 36×48 in.


Nuha Moretz, “Utah Mountains,” 40×30 in.


Nuha Moretz, “Zanzibar Waves” 36×24 in.


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