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Jeff Juhlin

Jeff Julin in his Salt Lake Studio

At age 64, Jeff Juhlin is a man of many accomplishments, not the least of which is his seminal role in the emergence of encaustic works in Utah. In over a decade of working in the medium he has established for himself a national reputation, all the while introducing scores of other artists to the possibilities of pigment mixed with beeswax. His efforts are recognized in three separate exhibitions this month: a solo show at Salt Lake’s A Gallery; his participation in a curated exhibit of national artists working in the medium, going up this month at Park City’s Kimball Art Center; and his curatorial involvement in FUSE, also at the Kimball, which showcases Utah artists working in encaustic, including many of his students. This new-found recognition is the culmination of a long and dedicated career in which abstraction, whether in acrylics, printmaking, steel sculpture, or encaustics, has been his calling.

Read the entire profile in the June 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.


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  1. My introduction to working in encaustics was in the Bay Area. When I took a workshop with Danielle Wolf in Park City a couple of years ago, she kindly arranged for me to meet Jeff Juhlin. Jeff invited me to visit his studio and very generously shared materials and technical advice with me—I took lots of notes! Like the article says, he’s a willing teacher as well as an artist. Thanks, Jeff and thanks for the article.

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