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Christine Baczek

Self-portrait by Cris Baczek


Christine Baczek is a photographer and artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has lived and studied in Chile, Italy, Chicago, and Santa Fe, returning in 2005 to Utah where she finds the most inspiration for her work. Her research and practice focus on analog and alternative photographic processes like cyanotype, platinum/palladium, chromoskedasic Sabbatier, film, etc. She uses this expertise in historical photographic processes to address ideas of time, influences on perception, the realities of documentation, and the process of observation. Drawing from all aspects of her life, her artwork utilizes Utah’s landscape and history, her museum experience and the surrounding community. She has exhibited widely, including the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Nox Contemporary, Finch Lane, the Kimball Art Center and the online gallery PhotoBistro. She has humbly received a Samuel H. Kress Foundation Scholarship, a Utah Arts Council Traveling Grant and is the current Rio Mesa Center Artist in Residence. Her work is in the Salt Lake County Collection as well as important private collections in Utah.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Baczek is also a photographer and cataloger of fine art. She has photographed numerous private collections, advised clients on best practices for cataloguing and archiving their digital assets, designed and managed relational databases, and contributed to a variety of prestigious art publications. She is currently the Collections Photographer and Digital Media Producer for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.



Artist Images

Sensitive,” (detail), 5”x7”, cyanotype photogram on glass


“Sensitive,” (detail), 5”x7”, cyanotype photogram on glass



Jetty by Cris Baczek



Keybank by Cris Baczek


Backyard by Cris Baczek


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