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January 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Fahimeh Amiri at Finch Lane Gallery
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UPCOMING:Paintings by Fahimeh Amiri |0| and mixed media assemblages by Loné Vilnius. |1| A native of Iran, Fahimeh Amiri is an award-winning book illustrator and instructor in Islamic art. Her paintings, heavily influenced by Persian miniatures, feature Iranian women with glimpses into their psychological and social relationship to Islam. Included in this exhibit are small triptych Persian textiles, with abstract arabesque floral patterns that punctuate levity into the solemnity of the paintings. Loné Vilnius has collected antiques, funky junk, and miniature reproductions for more years than she cares to admit. A connoisseur of the “tossed-away” and a seasoned garage-sale explorer, she has also been known to stop traffic to pick-up smashed cans, rusty nails, and other no-longer-shiny objects that inspire her to assemble, juxtapose, and finally give shape to the creatures and objects of her imagination.

UMFA UP: LeConte Stewart: Depression Era Art features more than 130 paintings and works on paper from the 1930s (see our review September edition). AND: Final Light: V. Douglas Snow in Retrospect showcases a large body of work presented in two locations (UMFA and the Salt Lake Art Center). AND: Color utilizes over twenty pieces from the UMFA's permanent collection to explore the relationship of color to artists and audiences using color as a connector across cultures and time. Includes works by Robert Motherwell, Alex Katz, Anna Campbell Bliss, and more. AND: David Burnett – Too Close is a look at a lifetime of iconic events captured by photojournalist David Burnett. AND: Salt 4: Xaviera Simmons features a series of photographs, as well as a sculptural installation made of hand-lettered, locally found wooden scraps affixed directly to the gallery wall (see our video interview in the December 2011 edition). This tangled matrix of text gleaned from notes, news articles, folklore, and literature forms its own kind of lyrical landscape, one imbued with historical and personal memory.|2|

UP:The Catherine Doctorow Prize for Contemporary Painting, featuring the inaugural winner, Kim Schoenstadt. Painting on canvas, paper, walls, floors and ceilings, the artist includes elements of audience participation, incorporates complex urban views, themes of modernist architecture, and historically informed explorations of image and society (see our video interview here).|3| AND: In the New Genres Gallery, Mirko Martin's Noir documents a night during the artist's half-year stay in Los Angeles in 2008. On a particularly noisy evening, Martin went out to capture some sound. Within minutes, he heard gunshots. Over a black screen, Noir captures these gunshots and conversations with several residents and passers-by who try to make sense of what they heard and didn't hear, saw and didn't see. UPCOMING: Joshua Luther’s Meaning, the second installation at UMOCA's Locals Only, features semiotic based work that uses languages and symbols to play with meaning and arbitrary relationships.|4| AND: Sundance Film Festival's New Frontiers 2012 exhibit.

NOX CONTEMPORARY UPCOMING: Development, three bodies of photographic work by Christine Baczek, balancing her life as an artist and museum administrator.|5| Proof, is a group of larger than life proof sheets acting not as frozen moments of time but active pieces of a whole creating a larger experience. Utah’s Wild Plants: Light Boxes are glass cyanotype photograms of plants from Utah. When hiking Baczek rarely carries a camera as she feels that looking through a lens distances her from the subject. Instead she engages her surroundings by collecting plants and bringing them into her life and work. The third body of work focuses solely on her museum life. Development, (Un)known Objects is her attempt to resuscitate the dead film archive (documents that are no longer used or maintained) at the UMFA. The archives are appropriated and altered walking the line separating a document from an abstraction, combining her work and life (Baczek was profiled in the February 2007 edition of 15 Bytes).

ALVIN GITTINS GALLERY (U OF U CAMPUS) UPCOMING: Escalating Density: Portraits of John Erickson brings together portraits of the University professor from a wide range of artists who have painted Erickson when he was the model for a figure class during his twenty-five years of teaching.

RIO GALLERY UP: Topaz: Artists in Internment will feature artworks created during internment at the Topaz War Relocation Center near Delta, Utah , on loan from the Topaz Museum . Artwork by Chiura Obata, Setsu Nagata Kanehara, Charles Erabu Mikami, Miné Okubo, Thomas Ryosaku Matsuoka, Yajiro Okamoto, Kenji Utsumi and Kaneo Kido will be shown alongside the poetry of Lawson Inada.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Antiquarian collector Richard Stamm presents his impressions of Woven, a compilation of Indonesian textiles.|6| UPCOMING: The paintings of Patrice Showers Corneli, whose work uses rich colors and paper textures alluding to natural landscapes.|7| Also, featured during January is the jewelry of Lorna Johnston.

THE GALLERY AT EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE (461 East 200 South) UP: Dana Costello and Leslie Pippen.

HORNE FINE ART UP: The Color of Night: Paintings by Karen Horne presents the latest series of this artist's investigation of light effects at night. Featuring night cityscapes of familiar landmarks in Salt Lake City as well as scenes from San Francisco, these jazzy street scenes are full of the glare of neon, the glow of streetlamps, and piercing traffic lights (see our review in the December edition).|8|

ALPINE ART UP: Alpine Art celebrates 28 years with their Winter Exhibition and Holiday Boutique.|9| UPCOMING:

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: Artists create their versions of the iconic holiday Nutcracker. Curated by Salt Lake tattoo artist, Vic Back. Participating artists include: Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Robert Bowen, Vic Back, Erin Campbell, Candace Jean and more. UPCOMING:San Francisco based artists Alex Pardee and Dave Correia

ART AT THE MAIN UP: December group show 16 artists explore "shades of white" in diverse artistic media and styles. UPCOMING: Ceramic artist William James is inspired by the mysteries of the ocean in his new collection of pottery, Life Aquatic. The organic shapes and colors of squids, octopi, and jellyfish become more fantastical in the hands of James, who re-imagines them as lamps, jars, and other functional shapes. Existing and unknown species fuel his artistic imagination. The Vampire Squid easily becomes a vase. Jellyfish, the oldest multi-organ animal, become lamps with color changing lights projecting down their arms to mimic the animal's rhythmic motions.|10|


STOLEN & ESCAPED GALLERY UP:Horny, an exhibit by printmaker Nic Annette Miller, exploring wildlife, in particular the horns of the massive creatures in our mountain landscape, such as the Rocky Mountain Elk. |11|

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: New works by Dave Hall and John Collins (see our review in the December 2011 edition).|12|

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Jonathan Fairbanks, an exhibition of oil paintings by the award-winning Massachusetts (and Utah Native) landscape painter. UPCOMING: Utah artists Mary Kimball Johnson, Janice Slusser, Mark Slusser and others.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Group show featuring four Utah artists: Jill Barton, Paris Gerrard, Aaron Bushnell |13|and Max Farbman.

DABAKIS-JUSTESE FINE ART UP: Reverse Eponym, new works by Lyle Carbajal, an artist who draws from the visual vernacular - "how regular people draw" - and pulls together African and Latin American dramas, old Southern folklore, and religious iconography.

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Barents Shore, topographically inspired drawings by Alison Denyer exploring the aesthetics presented by the coastline and ice sheets of the Arctic as seen from a satellite viewpoint.|14| These works, which play on the aesthetic beauty of the surface and reflective material used, present an interpretation of one of the planets’ most pristine and unspoiled areas. In presenting these different bodies of work, Al says her intention is to not only show the beauty of the earth’s surface and the mark making capabilities of water through her own subtle mark making techniques; but also to highlight current environmental concerns presented by many of the world’s major river deltas and bodies of water (see our video interview page 3).

6th AVENUE GALLERY AND FRAME SHOP (752 E 6th Avenue) UP: Oils and watercolors by Louise Earl. Whether she is painting hollyhocks in Monet's Giverny, the French landscape or local Utah scenes and still lifes, Earl's work vibrates with color and emotion.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Local artist Peter Hayes. UPCOMING: Brody-ism is taking over the walls of Caffe Niche.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: New works by Russell Case and Jeff Pugh.

MESTIZO ARTS UP: New World Border, a traveling exhibition through which artists respond to the US/Mexico border wall.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Holiday Group Show. UPCOMING: Deborah H. Brinckerhoff (see a review page 3) and Jody Plant.

CHURCH HISTORY MUSEUM UP: LeConte Stewart: The Soul of Rural Utah. (see our August edition)

GRAY WALL GALLERY UP:The art and craft of Pinup, featuring 14 different artists working in many different mediums.

RED KILN CLAY GALLERY UP: Where Did I Leave my Glasses, clay art and pottery by Richard Barker.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UPCOMING: Utah Travels, a photographic exhibit highlighting local and global travel explorations by Utahns.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Kindred Spirits. UPCOMING: Installation works by Pam Bowman and Noah Coleman.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Nickel History: The Nation of Heat, a new suite of etchings by Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick (read our review in the December 2011 edition).

ROSE WAGNER ART CENTER UP: 24 Hour Portraits by Lee Cowan (see our article on this series of work in the September edition of 15 Bytes).

UAF GALLERY UP: Holiday group exhibit. UPCOMING: Figuratively Speaking with Elisabeth Bunker, Thomas Shea and Carol Berrey

Glass ornaments by Morag Totten and new jewelry by Sarinda Jones.

CENTRAL GALLERY (228 East 500 South, Ste 100) UP: Images from the trails and roads of the backcountry by photographer Jason Pavalonis.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Chaos Creates Form: Winter, photos by Kirk Marshal.

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL LIBRARY UP: Bloom, new works by Kristan Jacobsen.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Related, works by father-daughter artists Marinus E. Wolf and Linnie Brown.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Princess Religion by Emily Fox. Mixed media 2D and 3D exploring issues such as domesticity, women in a post-feminist era, and making social commentary on the cultural perception of women.

TANNER FRAMES UP: Exhibit of etchings by Trevor Southey, presented in conjunction with Park City's McCarthey Gallery.

RED BUTTE GARDEN UPCOMING: The Nature of Sustainable Art, an annual exhibit that showcases imaginative creations from local artists in celebration of the sustainability of nature. All the art is made from reclaimed, recycled and or found objects. Curated by artist Jodi McRaney Rusho.

A GALLERY UPCOMING: In Good Form, a regional sculpture exhibit.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Wintertide, a group exhibition.

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP:Presenting the winners of our 2011 monthly Artists Connect Series.

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