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Wynter Jones

Wynter JonesBio

Wynter Jones graduated from the University of Utah in 2004, with a BFA in painting. She has been drawing/painting since she was a child. Most of her work is painted with oil, linseed and mineral spirits, although she does explore ink and acrylic as well.

Artist Statement

I am interested in integrating form with surface, creating emergence amongst imposed exteriors. I consider my work to be fragmented, time capsules of my life experiences, illuminating my insecurities and awe within the human condition.

Artist Images

“Shifting Focus” 16″x20″ oil on canvas

Holding Up Half The Sky” 48″x72″ oil on canvas

To Each Their Own” 72″x48″ oil on canvas

Eating Humble Pie” 16″x20″ mixed media

“Quiet Noise” 48″x72″ oil on canvas

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