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Who Do You Love: Mark Slusser

For February we’re asking Utah artists about a specific piece of art or artist living or dead, local or global, that has sparked their curiosity or influenced their work. We’ll be running some of their responses throughout the month.

Mark Slusser, Ascension of Saint Eulalia, 30″ x 40″, oil on canvas


Owner of Slusser Gallery in downtown Salt Lake City, Mark Slusser earned his BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah in 2005. He is a well-traveled artist who frequently paints the Utah landscape, as well as the Monterey, Calif., coast. He has long been interested in the resurgence of the American Realist Movement. Mark often paints his figurative and still life paintings in a realistic style.

“I painted a narrative piece depicting St. Eulalia at the moment of her death,” he says. “As the story is often told, Eulalia’s soul flew from her mouth in the form of a dove to heaven. The style of my piece, “Ascension of Saint Eulalia,” was inspired by one of my favorite paintings, “Return of the Sun,”  by Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum. His painting creates a feeling of universal humanity that encompasses both imperfection and normality, but with an emotional impact that is unforgettable,” Slusser says.

Odd Nerdrum, Return of the Sun, 41″ x 62″ oil on canvas




A graduate of the University of Utah, Ann Poore is a freelance writer and editor who spent most of her career at The Salt Lake Tribune. She also worked for Salt Lake City Weekly and has written for such publications as Utah Business Magazine and Salt Lake Magazine.

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  1. Thanks Martha! Odd Nerdrum is one of my heros. He is also very philosophical about the Realist Movement and his use of the word “kitsch”. You might read his book, “On Kitsch” if you haven’t already. (It’s not very long.)

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