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What’s New: Steve Sheffield


Steven Sheffield tells us he’s hoping soon to get back to several larger paintings he began last fall. “They are currently packed away as Rockwood Artist Studios and Sugarhouse endures renovation. As a result, I’m working smaller this winter.” Still fascinated with the abstract, he is looking to combine more landscape forms/nature in his abstract paintings. “In one of my recent studio relocations I discovered several hundred sheets of beautiful 8”x 6” Fabriano paper and am painting most nights (at home) using it up. These little gems are posted online to my Facebook page. Coming up for me: Reincarnating ‘The RED Show’ with Karen at Horne Fine Art and Art and Soup in February. If spring arrives with no studio, maybe plein air will be in my future.” Later this summer/fall he is planning on new, hopefully large work at 15th Street Gallery.


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