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What’s New: Sarinda Jones

SarindaArtistPhotoGlass artist Sarinda Jones has just learned she will be doing a show at Art Access in April in conjunction with the Moran Eye Center. She is collaborating with Bryan Jones, Ph.D., of Moran to design and create fused glass sculptures inspired by the structure of eye cells and microscopic images of the iris. A press release states that “they will literally and figuratively examine Plato’s iconic proclamation that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This exhibit also will celebrate the work of visually-impaired artists and their unique perceptions of the world.

Sarinda says that glass is “a smooth, seductive and mysterious substance yet, at the same time, a very ordinary substance….The same piece of glass can appear to be invisible at one moment and opaque another through its display of reflection. Glass is a chameleon of sorts, an illusionist.”

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