Utah Artists in Southwest Art

Every year Southwest Art Magazine recognizes talented emerging artists in their feature 21 under 31. But since emerging artists aren’t always under 31 years this year they decided to also highlight artists over 31. Utah artists Jill Barton and Wendy Chidester made the Honorable Mention list.

The magazine says “Painter Jill Barton makes her home in the heart of Utah, but her imagery is often inspired by far-flung cultures and regions.” read more

And of Chidester the magazine writes: “Adding machines, lunch boxes, record players, and old suitcases are a few of Wendy Chidester’s favorite things.” read more

If you look at the list of winners in this contest the magazine seems to have less and less to do with the Southwest of its title. 1st place winner Joshua Flint lives in North Carolina and was noted for painting scenes of Grand Central Station. Barton and Chidester both live in the region traditionally served by the magazine but neither artist is a painter of sand and sagebrush.

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