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The Future of (Art) Journalism

If you’ve been listening to KUER’s Radio West this week you know they’ve been talking about the future of journalism.

Yesterday, they talked with Politico about their successful business model – super saturation of a niche market.

That’s our goal here at 15 Bytes. We’ve survived for 10 years, devoting ourselves to all aspects of Utah’s art community.

We’ve only been able to do it because of your support.

Today we launch our 2011 Fall Fundraiser. This fundraiser is not only about funding the next six months of our programming. It’s about setting the momentum for another decade of vital art journalism.

In the past decade we’ve watched coverage of the arts dwindle in most media outlets. Ask yourself, in ten years will there be art coverage in our general news publications? Will it be there in ten months?

Utah Needs an Art Magazine.

Utah’s Art Magazine Needs You.

You can make a pledge of support by going to our Fundraiser Page.

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