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Best Of 2017: Tyler Bloomquist

Tyler Bloomquist, an artist and designer who earned his BA in Graphic Design from the University of Utah, was born in Salt Lake City and has lived downtown for 20 years. His varied artisitic practices—painting/drawing, printmaking, outdoor murals, photography, video/editing, graphic design, music/DJ-ing led naturally to his being an instructor in […]

15 Bytes

Instantly Framed

Early last fall Shalee Cooper, who was then working as our Image Editor, told us she had found a full-time business opportunity and would have to step down from her responsibilities at 15 Bytes. She had spent two years transforming the look of our magazine, so we were […]

Mixed Media

April Stroll At Alpine Art

For the April Gallery Stroll Gavin Sheehan at City Weekly stopped in at Alpine Art to talk to the four artists showing there — Regina Stenberg, who creates ethereal works in graphite, U student Tyler Bloomquist, whose hard-edged abstractions have an impact that goes beyond mere design, emtionally […]