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Michael Beasley Reveals His Masks

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”601″] “Very different,” “unique,” “colorful” – all are words Michael Beasley hears when he shows his three-dimensional masks to people. The artist has been making the intricately patterned masks, reminiscent of Native American or Mexican folk art, for nearly five years but had never tried […]

15 Bytes | Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

A pair of alchemists at work and play: Layne Meacham and Frank McEntire together (at last) at Howa Gallery

On a wall edging a Bogotá, Colombia, street, music and theater posters vie with fight cards and bullfight notices pasted cheek-by-jowl to a rough, stucco wall. Over them are stenciled images of balaclava-clad guerrillas and the scrawled brigade name, M19, alternating with random graffiti, the surface peeling open […]

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Toni Youngblood

An architect who rescues greyhounds retired from racing; an accomplished artist who does paintings of the saxophones she plays; an environmentalist who recycles to an admittedly obsessive extent — Toni Youngblood is an intriguing woman who constantly keeps busy. Though she works in a variety of mediums, encaustic […]