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Stephanie St. Thomas: An Artist with a Legacy of Elegance

by Alexandra Blantyre


When people first meet Stephanie Saint Thomas, they are taken by her graceful and elegant presence.  She is clearly a woman who has come into her own and who knows love and loss.  Stephanie’s work is an expression of her heart.  Her brushstrokes are bold and elegant, her jewel toned acrylic pallet, rich and without apology.  She orchestrates her paint to dance in a reverie of passion.  This is a woman that means what she says and picks those she loves to love for life.  The whimsy might be that of laughter in the moonlight, but it is never to be taken for fickle flight.

When one learns of Stephanie’s background, it’s easy to understand how she found her place in the art world.  Stephanie Saint Thomas grew up in Europe until the age of 15.  Her artist parents, Gregory and Diane, both studied under the tutelage of Avard Fairbanks, best known for designing the Eagle Gate.  She was always very close with her parents and they continue to be a major influence to her, even after their deaths.  While living in Holland, her father was appointed one of the Crown Jewelers to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.

Stephanie worked very closely with her father, especially in jewelry design, which is the area she first began her career as an artist, selling her collections at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Weinstocks and ZCMI.  In addition to jewelry and fine art, she started her objects d’art line, making collectable boxes, picture and mirror frames and tables.

Her latest painting collection, entitled Portals, includes many large expressionist landscapes, carried out in her signature vibrant colors and finished with a lustrous resin.  Many of the pieces are framed with vintage church window frames.  This collection can be seen at Magpie’s Nest, located at 39 North “I” Street, January 10th through February 13th.  Magpie’s Nest will be open for Gallery Stroll on January 16th, from 6-9pm.  Please call 363-7764 or 277-6551 for more information.

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