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Stephanie Hock Is Exploring a New Space in 2019

Stephanie Hock in her new studio.

Inspired by her artist mother, bouyed by the support of her husband — who gave her three tubes of paint as a wedding gift — and pushed by artist mentors at workshops, Stephanie Hock says she been able to find her artistic voice. She’s intrigued by art’s ability to tell the stories of people, to find beauty and meaning in what our ordinary gestures tell about our feelings, relationships, values, humor, and our society as a whole.

With a pile of books on figure drawing and some new sketchbooks she’s planning on working on her skills in drawing figures, and is looking into buying a drone camera, to further some experiments with aerial perspective she ended the year with, but the most exciting aspect of the new year, she says, is a new studio.  “I outgrew the tiny room I was working in, so we shuffled some other rooms in our house and now I have twice the space. I love that I can work on multiple projects at once, that I have space to gesso and varnish and still work on new paintings, and that I can back up and analyze big paintings better while I’m working on them. I also love that there’s space for my young kids to come work on their projects in the studio without taking over where I’m working. It’s important to me that they feel welcome to join in the creativity and it allows us to spend more time together (they’re growing so fast!).”

See more of her work at:  https://www.stephaniehock.com/

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