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Springville Museum announces new director

Rita Wright, courtesy Springville Museum of Art.

“One man’s loss is another man’s gain,” is the proverb we overheard someone cite at Gallery Stroll tonight. They were referring to changes at the LDS Church History Museum and the Springville Museum of Art.

Dr. Rita Wright of Salt Lake is leaving the LDS Church History Museum as its Curator of Art and Artifacts to fill the vacancy at the Springville Museum of Art created by Vern Swanson’s retirement (see our July 2012 edition).

Wright, who has a Masters degree in Humanties and a Ph.D. in History/Art, has also worked at the BYU Museum of Art, where she was involved in exhibits like Carl Bloch: The Masters Hand, and James Tissot: The Life of Christ. She has also been a teacher and she and husband Wes spent many years in California where they operated an art and design business.

Wright officially start her role as Director October 1.

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