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Sarah Bigelow Maynard Paints Personalities, Whether of Women or Trees

“I mostly paint women and trees,” says Bountiful artist Sarah Bigelow Maynard. “I am inspired by the faces and experiences of a mother, of a child, of an old woman. I draw from my own experiences as a mother, as well as of people I know,” says the mother of three girls.

“I have been drawing my whole life,” she says, “but it wasn’t until high school that I knew that art would be my life. Color is of great importance in my work, and helps me express the emotions of the subject, myself, and the environment. I love the texture and the look of canvas, and I primarily work with acrylic paint.”

For the new year, she’s excited about a series of paintings she’s working on based on old photographs. “I love to imagine the lives that [the subjects in the photographs] have led.” She’s also working on a series of trees.”I love old trees that have lived a long life, and you can see it in the branches and the leaves.”




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