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Remembering Bill Seifrit

Bill Seifrit hiking Fall 2007
In our April 2008 edition of 15 Bytes we featured a remembrance of the late Bill Seifrit. Because a number of you have written us to thank us for the post and to share your own memories of Bill, we have decided to open this post as a way for the community to share their own thoughts. We’ll begin the memories with some thoughts from Vern Swanson that arrived to us too late for publication.

“The one thing that Bill was serious about was having fun with Utah art.  He worked hard at researching, studying, collecting, talking, and sharing anything he had on the art of our state.  He wouldn’t accept money for the work of a hundred hours, but if it was for the good of Utah art, it was given away free.  His original source work was the foundational basis upon which Bob Olpin and I were able to do so much of our work.  We relied on his information to give credence to our own research.  We leaned upon him, a lot.  While Bill liked me, he loved Bob, and their friendship was a pleasure to watch. I think that Bob’s death really took the wind out of him.  His death was in some ways easier than most, I think it was because of the Karma he received from taking care of his partner Jan the last years of her life.

Bill always felt that I was too ‘hyper’ and would often say that I ‘Hadn’t taken my meds today.’

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