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Randy Rasmussen

Randy RasmussenRandy Rasmussen’s new 20 foot painting “Woodside” is smaller than what he’s used to working with. As Technical Director for both Plan B Theatre and Kingsbury Hall his usual canvas is the size of a stage, a scale he’s been working with since his days at Jordan High School. Back then Jordan was one of the last high schools to have a working fly system and Rasmussen was part of the stage crew. It was there that he found his niche, among creative students who made a comfortable home outside the mainstream world. “Theatre is a magnet for people who don’t fit in anywhere else. It’s a place where freaks congregate. It was the only place in high school for a freak and I met my friends there. When there is distinctly a majority and distinctly a minority, that minority gets bonded together really tight and the next thing you know you have twenty to thirty friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life,” Rasmussen says.

Read the full artist profile in the July 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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