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Numbers for a New Year

At the start of the New Year, we are sitting down to assess the past year and plan for the following. As part of that process, we are looking at some of our numbers for 2007, and since this Artists of Utah thing is a community venture we thought we’d share some numbers with you so we can all know how we’re doing.

In this first post, new subscribers to 15 Bytes. During 2007 we added 681 new subscribers to 15 Bytes, from all around the state and the country. Here’s how our new subscriptions break down geographically.

Region 1: 9
Region 2: 61
Region 3: 397
Region 4: 26
Region 5: 1
Region 6: 61
Region 7: 17
Region 8: 11
Region 9: 28
National: 66
International: 4


We’re proud of this number, but very far from satisfied with it. For 2008 we think that with your help we can more than double this number. Subscriptions are free. So, if you have some friends and colleagues you’d like to wish a Happy New Year, tell them about something that has made you happy this past year: 15 Bytes. They can find all of our past editions here at and when they subscribe for free they will receive a monthly notice about our new editions.

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