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New Years Resolutions — The January Edition Almost Up

Willamarie Huelskamp in her studioIs it better to make a New Years Resolution and not achieve it or to simply not make any and so avoid disappointment?

We thought about making a resolution to get 15 Bytes out when we say we will — the first Wednesday of the month — but thought better of it in the end. And a good thing. Here we are not even a week into the New Year and we would have already failed.

Due to some circumstances in and some out of our control, 15 Bytes publication is about a day behind schedule. Our apologies to those of you who came to the site eagerly awaiting the new edition (Larry, this means you).

But we will let you know what you have to look forward to. We’ve got some things to help you start off the new year. Youth  — our January edition will feature Jason Metcalf and Michael Evans, two young artists at BYU. Sue Martin will help you artists out there make some goals and plan for the new year. Ehren Clark reviews the White show at Nobrow Coffee,  Elizabeth Matthews reviews the new book on the art of Bonnie Posselli and Sheryl Gillilan will introduce you to the IAO Gallery.

Of course we have more. Colleen Howe, showing this month at the Springville Museum of Art, answers our On the Spot questions, and Steve Coray takes us to the loft studio of Willamarie Huelskamp (pictured her in front of one of her paintings). And of course, exhibitions all over the state, our mixed media links to visual arts articles this past month.

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