Mudson tonight at the Masonic Temple


Set up for Mudson at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City. Photo by Drew Martin

Though all of the artists in our 35×35 exhibition are relatively “young,” the range of their ages and experience is broad. Some are still in school, exploring techniques and finding their voice. Others are already established members of the local arts community, involved in a variety of activities.

Ashley Anderson is one of the latter. She was co-curator of Arrivals/Departures at the Rio Gallery in January and February (read our review here), regularly stages her own works, and publishes a dance journal under her non-profit loveDANCEmore. loveDANCEmore also sponsors Mudson, a works-in-progress series that allows choreographers the opportunity to workshop their pieces in front of an audience. Modeled after Movement Research at the Judson Church in NYC, Mudson is a monthly event, occurs at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City and is free.

Tonight, Monday, March 18th, the program features dances by Karin Fenn, Kate Monson, Sam Hanson, Emily Haygeman with Margaret Tarampi & a new film by Conor Provenzano.

“Sam is up to something new with text, Kate is filling up a fish tank with sand, Emily & Margaret collaborate with neuroscience and Karin is a real mystery,” says Anderson.

Check it out tonight to see what’s going on in Utah’s vibrant dance community.

Monday, March 18th

the Masonic Temple

650 E. South Temple (parking/entrance in back)


Read more about the program and loveDANCEmore here.

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