Photography | Utah Artists - S

Monique Sutherland


Artist Statement
This body of work is a broad scope of the complicated dynamics in the family I have created within the past few years. The large amount and organization of the photographs provides a map of the factors that affect the central core of the family. There are many themes evident such as nurture, protection, absence, repair, feral, domestication, pack mentality, mental health, PTSD, deployment, addiction, and so on. Some of these ideas are contradictory from each other, but the tension is part of the beauty of it. As an active duty military family, I find it important to publicize our candid, honest, intimate moments. Some of the struggles we have are often mirrored in other families, but are considered taboo, creating a barrier for those within it. My work lowers that barrier, as well as between subject and observer, through intimate moments informally displayed. This allows viewers to enter and relate to the work in their own way.


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