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Michelle Condrat

Michelle Condrat


Michelle Condrat was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1983, where she lives to this day. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2007 with a BFA in Painting/Drawing and Printmaking with a minor in Art History. Her work has developed throughout the years showing a full range of styles from Photo Realistic paintings to a style she likes to call Contemporary-Impressionism. She has worked in all different mediums ranging from intaglio and relief printmaking to acrylic and oil painting. Michelle mainly focuses on landscapes and the figure because of their organic forms and the challenge of reproducing something that is so familiar to the eye and making it look new.

Artist Statement

Art cannot be reined in like a wild animal; it cannot be tamed, or trained or told what to do. It is forever changing. It is part of our history as well as our future. As an artist, it is my job to use it for communication, for self-expression, and for public surveillance. Art is power…art is part of who we are…art is forever.

Artist Images

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